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"She Said Yes!" with the owners
"She Said Yes!"
Octopus' Garden
"Lake Time"
Yo Ho Yo Ho...A Baker's Life for Me!
Todd's Passion
We Won! The Stadium Course at TPC Scotts
Caroline's Royal Court
Bible insert for Max & Amelia
For the Children
Baxter at Douglas with Steve
Nana's Favorite Flowers
"I've Got Spurs..."
PP _1 Samuel 7_12_ side
PP "1 Samuel 7:12"
Gma and her Jag
Pomicide in the First Degree
Carpinteria High Warrior
Mailbox side
Mailbox front
Roxy's Favorite Fruit
We ARE 805 Strong
Watching Grammy Paint
Puddle Jumping
Hammock Sunset
Your Wear Yours, I'll Wear Mine
A Mason Jar Full of Flowers
Chillin in the Aquarium
Freaky Frida's Day of the Dead
Beach Sunset
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