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_I've Got Spurs..._

"I must tell you my Mom sooo loved 'Meet Mz. GG!' So awesome and excellent - could not have been more fabulous!!! We were thrilled watching her open it!!! Thank you so much!!! And thank you for your superior talent!! Shipping was perfect, btw! Again, Cami, thank you so much - you are truly a gifted and talented person!!!!!

Kim Cordero

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I love Kiki so much!!! I was so surprised and happy I started blubbering and hugged her!! You are SUCH an amazing artist and those soulful eyes! And I love her pink nostrils!! She is precious! I can see her from my kitchen and even walking down the hallway! 

Karen Barteld

"I am over the moon to have received this painting of my three bronzed boys today from artist extraordinaire Cami. Not only did she capture the essence of Bronzey, Starlight and Honey Boy's true expression and spirit but the love and softness that permeates is truly reflected from the artist herself's lovely nature. Thank you Cami. 'Caroline's Royal Court' is a forever treasure."

Caroline Chufar

"I commissioned our dear friend and professional artist, Cami Helmuth, to paint this portrait of us for [my husband] Bob's birthday. It is called "True Love." Thank you so much, Cami, for your stunning work! Bob and I are thrilled with the portrait of us that Cami did! It captures the essence of our relationship and is exactly what I was hoping for. I still pause by it multiple times each day. an't imagine I will EVER take it for granted..."

Jack Harris


"You've captured his genuine warmth and sweetness. His nose and eyes are so him and real looking. Zach will be so pleased! After all, it is his child! I'm just so h.a.p.p.y!!

Marian Hollis


"You not only captured Buddy's likeness perfectly, but more importantly you captured his spirit. That talent is your greatest gift as an artist and sets you apart from many of your contemporaries. I couldn't be more satisfied and I'm sure my friend who received the gift feels the same."

Saranne Oberman

"Words do not fail, but please know your painting of Buddy is the most precious thing in the world to me. Thank you! You truly captured our boy's image - eyes, coloring, stance, hair....all! You are amazing. And so generous to jump on this, with all your commissions. Thank you so much!! This will be with me always, as Buddy can't. I am blessed by you.

Ann Dusenberry


"Cami is a very caring and loving person and you can see it through her artwork. The pieces are personable and she has a keen insight which can be seen with each piece she creates. I highly recommend contacting her to see what she can create for you!"

Sheryl Wilgus

"This [painting of "Sandy's Snow Day" shown with this testimonial] is our wonderful, funny, smart family member, Sandy. She is 17 years young and in a few days will be traveling across country with us for a month.
I asked my friend Cami Couzens Helmuth to paint her when she is most the snow. The minute I say this I was moved to tears. It captures her beauty, her spirit and her zest for life. Words can’t even begin to form in thanks and appreciation. Cami is not only a dear friend but an amazing capturer of true beauty."

Suzanne Couch

"We love the portrait Cami painted of our puppy, Bella. She truly captured her personality and gave us a special memory of our precious puppy along with a beautiful portrayal of one of our favorite places. The detail she did to her eyes make you really feel like she’s looking at you. It’s something we will always treasure."

Tammy Dobrotin

"Sweet painting of Mr. Manny.  I love the rock painting of my doggrandson.  Soon to be delivered to my daughter Samantha Powdrell (mom). Thank you Cami!"

Andrea Winstrom

"I have commissioned 2 pieces from Cami. One as a gift (a memorial rock for my sister-in-law - a horse which she loved) and the second for myself from a photo I liked and worked with her change the style. Cami puts so much of herself into her work you can feel it when you look at her paintings."

Deborah Alliano




""I just received one of Cami's rock art pieces. My daughter ordered it for me. It was of our precious little bunny boy, Marcus. He passed away now a couple months ago. Cami did a fantastic job of making it look just like Marcus! The eyes are especially good! He used to look at me with those big brown eyes and I could just feel that he loved me. Now when I look at the artwork Cami created I feel the same way!! Thank you so much Cami! God bless you!"

Bobbie Dunkinson



"Vonnie, surprised me with this wonderful gift. I lost my most loyal dog last year. Vonnie took a photo of "Indiana Jones," to an artist. Had his likeness painted on a stone paperweight. When I opened it...could not hold back the tears of happiness, joy, loss and thoughtfulness....that poured out."

Edward LaFlamme


"This painting is stunning. I mean I would look away, look back, and cry again. Just so spectacular!!! I hung it on the wall next to Papa's chair so everyone can see it when they walk in."

Nikki Russo

"We are so honored and thrilled with your picture of our little guy! It really captures him and his love of trains....and of his Papa! It will be treasured forever! Thank you, Cami. We love it so much."

Karen Barteld

"I cried when I got this gift from my parents. Literally bawled. It's amazing and just the most special gift ever. Thank you for capturing the joyous spirit of my little boy."

Nikki Russo

"I loved the piece Cami did of my daughter at the beach. She captured the moment perfectly, and stylized the piece so that it really did morph from a photograph to a work of art. We will treasure it forever!"

Mollie Moore

"Shyla Mae is the apple of our eye and when Cami surprised us with her gift in this portrait, it truly made our hearts melt with happiness. Cami is not only an extremely gifted and talented artist, but tremendously kind and thoughtful in everything she does. You feel all of these attributes and her expression of love in her work. So many fine details are here from those white stripes on her forehead, the star on her face looking at you, to the cute little fur bunnies on her leg. This is exactly how Shyla looks...and well, Hedgy is just the cherry on top - he's Shyla's favorite baby. The portrait of Shyla is something we absolutely treasure now and Cami has given us a way for Shyla to be with us forever. Thank you dear friend for being you." 

Stephanie & Jan  Tiffany

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