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"She Said Yes!" with owners
PP Raleigh
PP Drooler
She Said Yes
Octopus' Garden
"Lake Time"
Painted Metal Deer set
Whale and bird in Private Beach mural
Coconut in Private Beach mural
Coconuts in Private Beach mural
Private Beach mural
Our Jedi E.R. Betsy
Coastline Christian Academy's Heavenly S
PP Seymour
PP Rajah
MJ and Gare Bear with their owners
Todd's Passion
Gare Bear and MJ
PP Rajah
We Won! The Stadium Course at TPC Scotts
Jack and Marlene, mounted
PP Reese
Primetime Palminteri
California Golden Girl
Hoppy Home
Got Carrots?
Baxter's Favorites
PP Shyla Mae
PP Shyla Mae, side view
PP Shyla Mae
Papa Snoz
Stella & Stout
Let's Go, Buddy!
Caroline's Royal Court
Pomicide in the First Degree
Natalie, Haley & a Couple Zebras
True Love
Bible insert for Max & Amelia
For the Children
Baxter at Douglas with Steve
PP Eros, front view
PP Eros
PP Mollie Rose, front view
PP Mollie Rose
Pebble Pet "Bella"
The Girls
Nana's Favorite Flowers
"I've Got Spurs..
PP "1 Samuel 7:12", side
PP "1 Samuel 7:12"
PP "Goldie"
PP Goldie (& real Goldie)
Gma and her Jag
Pebble Pet "Puss 'n' Boots"
Pebble Pet "Puss 'n' Boots"
Pebble Pet "Mozart"
Carpinteria High Warrior
Mailbox side
Mailbox front
Roxy's Favorite Fruit
Pebble Pet "Gabriel"
Pebble Pet "Gabriel"
Sandy's Snow Day
Pebble Pet "
Pebble Pet "Marcus"
PP Spirit
Bella at the Lake
Pebble Pets - Mice
Sweet Allie
Train Spotting
We ARE 805 Strong
Watching Grammy Paint
Puddle Jumping
Hammock Sunset
Your Wear Yours, I'll Wear Mine
Tinker and Her Kittens
Shyla Mae and Hedgie
A Mason Jar Full of Flowers
Leo and Penelope
A Day at Hendry's
Treat Time! 2018
At My Own Pace
Beach Sunset
Freaky Frida's Day of the Dead
Oopsy Daisy
Chillin in the Aquarium
Proud Cock
Fishy Fishy
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